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Collector's Stories

"I received my first Blue and White pieces of Currier & Ives Royal China from my grandmother's estate.  At that time, I was not aware of the Currier & Ives Dinnerware Collector's Club or even knew that the dinnerware was a collectible item.  I enjoyed them because I thought they were unusual, and they reminded me of my grandmother.

It was not until much later, when my sister Konnie joined the club, that I became aware of it.  She had received her first pieces from our great aunt's estate and grew her collection from there. She wanted a traveling partner one year to attend a Currier & Ives Collector's Club convention in Springfield, IL., so she twisted my arm (not too hard!) to attend with her.

It was a very pleasant experience. I met so many wonderful people and learned so much about the club.  I joined the club that year

and have since attended many more conventions. Each time I attend, I learn a little bit more about Royal China and collecting.


I look forward every year to attending that year’s convention to renew old friendships and establish new friendships. I enjoy talking with other club members...hearing stories about their "new finds" to their collections and their journey searching for that "hard-to-find rare" piece, and their excitement when they find it."

Karen G. - Currier & Ives Dinnerware Collector

"I was very excited when I found the Currier and Ives by Royal Dinnerware Club. I had never met anyone else that collected my China. I realized, after joining the club, how little I knew of Royal China Company and the Currier and Ives pattern. The combined knowledge of our group is incredible! I learned about each piece, its variations and rarity, and as a member of the club, I also have access to commemorative pieces. These pieces match the Currier and Ives pattern with limited production. Furthermore, I was able to join club members at our yearly convention. It’s a chance to fellowship with all the friends I’ve made throughout the year and even get a good deal on hard-to-find pieces at our swap/sale tables. If you are a collector of Currier and Ives dinnerware by Royal, this is the group for you! We are all excited to meet you and look forward to hearing your collecting story!"


Christina D. - Currier & Ives Dinnerware Collector

"Our Board President, Sandy Schilling-Gal, asked if I would share how I became a founding member of the Currier and Ives Collector Club.  It was my husband Irvin who was the responsible party, as his family and Uncle Bud Aupperle's family both originated from Fairbury, Illinois.  Bud would stop in at our embroidery shop to visit when he was in town and found that we had started collecting Currier & Ives blue dishes after inheriting 3 soup bowls from Irvin’s mother.  We would see Bud at local auctions that had Currier & Ives dishes listed.  Bud invited us to attend that founding meeting which we did.  Irvin and I both became passionate collectors and loyal members of the club.  Irvin served several years as vice president and was responsible for the commemoratives for those years.  I served as treasurer for several years as well.  The conventions just became our “getaway”, and we became suppliers for club apparel through our business, Haase Embroidery & Printing, with the Currier & Ives Collector Club logo embroidered or screen printed.  We did caps, bags, shirts, and sweatshirts through the years. 

It is an honor for me to be the only member who has attended every convention as well as the founding meeting!  My son has already put 2024 convention dates on his calendar to bring me, as long as I’m able.  I plan to keep the record going… Irvin would be proud."    

Carol H. with Irvin H. - Currier & Ives Dinnerware Collectors

"I have had such a wonderful experience joining the Currier and Ives Dinnerware Club! 


My parents have been collecting C&I all my life.  I was trying to find out more information on our family’s beloved “blue dishes,” when I stumbled upon the Dinnerware Club.  I joined a Facebook group where club members shared their vast knowledge about Royal China history as well as specific dinnerware pieces.  I thought I knew a lot about C&I having grown up with these dishes, but boy was I wrong!  The club members were such excellent resources in the group, and I wanted to expand my knowledge of C&I.  I joined the club as soon as I could to share in this love with like-minded individuals.


Not only am I a new member having joined the club mid-2023, but I have also attended my first C&I Dinnerware Club Convention with my family.  I was a little anxious going into the convention not having met anyone before, but I can say that feeling faded quick as we were greeted by the sweetest individuals.  The club members helped us with our packets and went out of their way to help us get settled.  Sandy took us on a brief tour to show us where everything was in the convention room. 


The room was lined with beautiful dish displays and gorgeous table decorations.  We sat with even more lovely club members that took us in as their own. We walked through the upcoming changes with the club as well as participated in several fun raffles.  We were sitting at one lucky table! 


I think each person at our table came home with a prize (mine being a puzzle).  After this, we entered the buy sell trade room where I could not believe my eyes.  The room was filled with dinnerware pieces that I hadn’t ever seen in person.  Also, did I mention these were for SALE?  My entire Club Convention experience was magical and could not have been without my fellow members!  I have enjoyed every minute of being a part of the C&I Dinnerware Collectors Club."

Alicia W. - Currier & Ives Dinnerware Collector

"When I moved away from home in the early 1980's I bought the house across the street from my Mom and Dad’s.  I knew the lady who had lived there was moving into the nursing home. Her family took what they wanted from the small home and left some furnishings for me. Among other things were a small set of Currier and Ives Blue plates and teacups. These are the plates I still use today. Some are chipped up from years of use, but I love them anyway.

Then I met up with Raygena. We dated for a few months and knew we were meant for each other and got married in 1989. She brought with her to my little house the set her grandmother had given her when she was young. During the next few years, we slowly added to our small collection. Our dream was to get place settings for 12. In 2018 Raygena discovered (on Facebook) a family wanting to find a home for their parents Currier and Ives Collection since they had to move into nursing care. Raygena made the deal and our whole family packed up boxes and newspapers and drove the 3-hour trip to Coon Rapids. Iowa, to buy the 32 bins of Royal China. It took several hours to pack everything into our boxes for the safe trip home. 

On this day, we turned into avid Currier and Ives collectors and started really seeking knowledge. Raygena found the Currier and Ives Collector website and saw that there was a Dinnerware Collectors Club and we joined so we could go to the convention.

Upon joining we found out that all the back issues of the newsletter could be purchased and sent to us. We have them in a notebook and refer to the newsletters often. We’ve learned a lot from these newsletters.

Raygena and I were all fired up to go to the 2019 Convention in St Louis to meet the people she had been talking to on the different Facebook Currier and Ives pages that she had learned information from. But, shortly before the convention Raygenas health was at a point where she could not travel. Our daughter Michaella Zimmerman had always shown interest in the collection so she said she would make the trip with me to help.

When we showed up at the “Meet and Greet” on the first day of the convention we could tell that everyone was happy to be there to see old friends and meet new people that shared the same interest as they did. We felt very welcome. We took along an Item to show at the show and tell which is an activity done every year, 

At the convention a “Buy Sell or Trade” room is set up and anyone can set up a table or more to share your collection to other members. The Convention also holds an auction every year. Items can be brought in by members to see what they will sell for; the CLUB also auctions off past commemoratives.

Michaella and I look forward to seeing everyone again and hopefully others we have not met before. I have only been a member since 2019 but have enjoyed the conventions I have attended. Anyone seeking knowledge on Currier and Ives by Royal should check out the Facebook pages. They are a community of information."


Chip G. & Family - Currier & Ives Dinnerware Collectors

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